We don’t do this enough! I preach this to my teams. I should do it more. You all should. It’s so easy to be critical. Tell people and teams how they missed. What went wrong. How they should have done better.

But you know what works so much better than dwelling on past misses and failures?

Setting people up for success. And a clear path to get there. Instead of a situation of looking back as a Sunday night quarterback after the game. You should have seen this and avoided it and now go fix it. Gee that feels good.

I’m struck how many times i have seen this pattern. Tech companies is where my experience is. But i think companies as a whole are quite reactive when they should really just be more responsive. I should spend more time to write this out more later. But i just wanted to get it out. I’m responding not reacting. lol.

Companies often dont really have very well thought out plans. Or at least they miss things. … like for instance users. They think about themselves a lot and their needs. Don’t we all.

But then something comes along a big issue…

NOW in silicon valley: Hype Masters & Sharks win, good people and ideas loose.

When i came out to the silicon valley way back in 1997 it was special. It wasn’t focused on what can get VC money or how much revenue can i make. It was an excitement of what could be possible what do people need? It feels much more sleazy and mercenary now. It is gross and brainless. If you are not just about both taking risk AND making a company that’s easily and quickly funded by VC’s then you are screwed. Also make sure you are…

Why is this so complicated? I’m really tired of the politics here. It is quite simple.

1. People deserve a living wage. If you cant make a living, pay your life and get buy working full time. .. then our country is broken. You cnt expect people to work full time and not get by.

2. Businesses who say they cannot survive paying a living wage. Well sorry you have a failing business. It should die to make room for viable businesses. By arguing against wage hikes. You are saying. Subsidize my company and screw individuals. Not ok.

3. Re…

Wow wow just wow.

Republicans really. You want to completely patently be uncredible lying hyporitates.? I guess It’s the caustic result of the success of our simpleton president. You follow as lemmings and resign all integrity? Really. Thats the long term plan? Really?

Republicans have completely jumped the shark. Perhaps you think people wont pay attention and you prey (ironically close to : pray…. yikes) on that. You just assume you can take advantage of folks. How can you really deal with your contradictions.

With this supreme court appointsYou are complete liars and hypocrites on record. Wow any supporters just…

What a great headline….! from here — https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/02/politics/congress-republican-reaction-trump-church/index.html

Top Republican senators defend Trump’s church photo-op after peaceful protesters cleared out

Our president. I choke as i say that. This fucking guy.

Top Republican senators are defending the use of police force to clear out peaceful protesters near the White House that allowed President Donald Trump to pose with a Bible in front of a church amid the continued unrest in the United States.

Why can’t he just ramble on twitter like every other day?

Open supporters include…

Sen. John Cornyn — the protesters had to be cleared out “for security purposes” since Trump was “walking over to the church”

Sen. Chuck Grassley…

I feel a little sick but need to get it out.

It upsets me that design is usually just a pretty frosting on the cupcake. Its even more upsetting that people are so starved for good work that the little cupcake sprinkles that they praise these minuscule changes. So little design work is bold and innovative or even anything past the most tiny incremental change or a safe little feature addition that does not disrupt everything else. Change is scary. I don’t actually think it’s actually scary to users but to the companies.

Designers at big companies are in a…

Can someone explain this to me please?

I just don’t really get it. I have the utmost respect for our supreme court but i don’t get this voice only reconvene. I completely can get them not meeting in person. But Audio only? really? nobody has explaining this other than they are not open to tech.

Yet this makes very little sense and totally ignorant and hypocritical. They are audio only no video. Limiting the actual court interaction and clearly impending the in court dynamic. Yet Yet they let the audio be broadcast live?

Wait what. the highest court in the…

We need Heroes NOT superheroes!

Movies are great. But they are movies. We are in times we need leaders and heroes. But instantly people think Heroes == SUPERHEROES. No! You…

*waring and self disclaimer. this is an experiment. forcing myself to publish asap. very raw, many errors and misspellings and rough ideas. but pushing it out forces me to come back. **** apologies in advance. its rough. * really really rough. * but even though it might not seem. i am mostly literate even beyond my dyslexia*

Wow this covid crisis. My kids are at home. No daycare or help. I am still working. They just need to figure a few things out themselves. Based on the urgency and situation.

I think like many other parents probably. I feel super…

Andrew Dahley

Head of Design @ Seven Inc. Previously lead AI design for Facebook and Google.

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